Couple Creates Geek-Inspired Metal Coasters

| 27 Mar 2014 12:25

Apocalypse Fabrication on Etsy produces gorgeous and geeky coasters out of metal and felt.

Coasters are a ubiquitous necessity, saving tabletop gaming tables from water rings and keeping your drink from sticking to the bar. The geeky coasters from Apocalypse Fabrication, however, are nothing like the common flimsy paper ones. Katie and Jason Lister are the husband and wife team behind Apocalypse Fabrication, a metal cutting and fabrication company on Etsy that produces coasters and trivets. The metal and felt coasters have clean lines and bright colors, and could certainly add some class to any gaming table or living room. Apocalypse Fabrication produces coaster sets inspired by all manner of geeky pursuits, including World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Avengers, Justice League, Star Trek, and even Thundercats.

Apocalypse Fabrication opened in March 21, 2012. The hobby shop is a creative pursuit for couple during their spare time after their day jobs. The coasters are made using a computer numerical control (CnC) machine at the couples' home in California. Katie Lister writes on the Apocalypse Fabrication Etsy page, "Jason and I both work on the creative process. I enjoy drawing up my ideas and other people's dreams. Jason thinks of new things and concepts for us to try. We both work on the technical side of the CnC machine together." The metal coasters look like they could stand up to a lot of abuse. Katie Lister says the name of the shop came from the durability of Jason's metalwork. "His friends and family have always said that what he makes 'could survive the apocalypse.'"

Source: Apocalypse Fabrication via The Mary Sue

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