This New Way of Playing Jenga is Amazing

| 29 Apr 2014 18:02

Want to make Jenga fun again? Make time matter.

One of the problems with the classic game Jenga is that it takes, sometimes, an hour to play. It's supposed to be a tense game of struggling over which tile to pull at what time, but often devolves into carefully testing each block, each turn, one by one, until you find the one not integral to the tower's structure. These brilliant guys have a solution: Add a clock. Not just any clock, though, a Chess Clock. A Chess Clock is where each player has their own time limit - say, a minute - and when they hit their button on completing their turn an opponent's clock starts counting down. If you topple the tower, you lose. If your clock runs out, you lose. With that simple element of time pressure added, Jenga becomes a fast and furious game of physical and mental dexterity. Where before players merely had to focus on the game as their turn came up, slowly obliterating tension through the boredom of waiting, now players must move as fast as is humanly possible.

Check the video out to see it in action.

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