Friday Fan Art Round-Up for May 23rd, 2014

| 23 May 2014 08:45

May moves forward an the Friday Fan Art Round-Up returns with a new batch of fan made art pieces.

Friday is here and The Escapist is back with another lovely collection of art pieces to amaze and entertain you. This week we have a nice mix of content including a nice LEGO diorama, an amusing illustration bemoaning the the fractured state of the Marvel movie universe, a lovely Star Wars piece and a nifty Godzilla picture. All of that said, let us begin.


Take a quick stroll around the internet and you'll have no trouble finding LEGO brick starships put proudly on display by their creators. The point is that as cool as a lot of them are, they're still pretty much a dime-a-dozen. That being the case, I still really liked Keith Goldman's Valencia model. Setting aside that the design itself is just really cool (I love the orange for some reason), I really enjoyed the effort and detail put into its presentation. Too often you'll someone just put their build on a blanket or a plain tabletop and just start snapping pictures. Richard's custom environment goes a long way toward enhancing the look of the Valencia.


Poor Spidey
We're probably never going to get a totally inclusive Marvel movie universe. At the end of the day the politics of Hollywood have led us to a place the chances of Spider-Man running into Captain America or the X-Men duking it out with the Avengers are pretty much nadda. It's a status quo that pretty plainly sucks, but that we of the nerdy strain are sadly powerless to rectify. We can still draw amusing pictures though, which is exactly what Mauricio Abril did. There's the Avengers having a grand old time with their fun adventures and quality made films and there's Spider-Man being dragged away to star in another mediocre film. Poor Spidey indeed.


Obi-Wan Kenobi (in Mandalorian Armor From The Clone Wars Season 5
I have seen all of maybe five minutes of the entire Clone Wars cartoon series. It's definitely on my to-do list but, sadly, it's kind of a long list and there's more than few items in front of it. Even so, it doesn't take a dedicated fan of the series to appreciate Tom Hodges illustration of Obi-Wan Kenobi decked out in Mandalorian war gear. Put plainly, this thing is just gorgeous and if it weren't $100 I'd be over at Mr. Hodges Etsy page right now ordering the sucker.


Opinions about the new Godzilla seem to be a bit on the mixed side right now. Even if the new flick isn't the end all be all of kaiju action however, Godzilla itself remains the undeniable master of the monsters. Alex Cherry's illustration of Mr. King Kaiju, in turn, simply just caught my eye as one of the nicest looking tributes to the character I've seen in some time.

What do you think of these art pieces? Were there any special bits of fan art you encountered this week? Let us know and feel free to share in the comments section!

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