Sniper Elite V2 is Completely Free on Steam Right Now

| 5 Jun 2014 05:01

You can add Sniper Elite V2 to your Steam library free-of-charge until 10 AM PDT, June 5.

Here's a great way to promote your game's sequel - give away it's prequel for free. That's exactly what developer Rebellion is doing for its tactical shooter series: Sniper Elite. From right now until 10 AM PDT, June 5, you can hop on over to Sniper Elite V2's Seam page and add the game to your Steam library absolutely free of charge, to keep forever, as part of the developer's promotion of the upcoming Sniper Elite V3.

Sniper Elite V2 was released on PC back in 2012. It's a lengthy game for a shooter and offers traditional multiplayer and cooperative play online, which is always welcome. It was met with mixed-to-positive reviews but hey, free is free.

As for the upcoming title, Sniper Elite III will launch on the PC on June 27 worldwide - giving you just under a month to get pumped for it with its prequel. The PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions will be released at retail and digitally in Europe on the same day, while console gamers in US will have to wait until July 1.

You can save 20% off the game by pre-ordering it now.

We're sorry we got to this one so late, but as of writing, you still have around eight hours to quickly add it to your library. Go now!

Source: Steam

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