How Many Games Can You Recognize in This Blur Studio FX Video?

| 8 Jun 2014 10:30

There's Batman: Arkham Knight, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Halo, and even a few that you wouldn't normally associate with the special effects studio.

Not every developer can have a Blizzard CGI team to create its videos, cutscenes and PR trailers. That's where Blur Studio comes in, and just in time for E3, they have put together an almost five-minute compilation video of their work.

You can sit back and grab some popcorn, as this is a brilliant show of some really great trailers all in one animation/FX video. And near the end, you can get a chuckle when you realize that Blur has not confined itself to just games, but has thrown in some snack food footage as well.

Source: Vimeo

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