World's Largest Game Collection Sold for $750,000

| 17 Jun 2014 15:00

A collector auctioned off over 11,000 games for $750,000 to an anonymous bidder.

Michael Thomasson won the Guinness World Record for owning the biggest collection of video games in 2012. This week, he sold that collection for three-quarters of a million dollars.

We reported earlier this month that Thomasson was looking to sell his collection to assist his family with their needs. He posted the collection on video game auction site GameGavel. The auction started at one dollar and lasted for eight days before ending the evening of Wednesday 11th after 56 bids. The winner was anonymous, but now owns the largest personal video game collection in the world.

The collection included over 11,000 unique titles, most of them in "pristine" condition. Over 8,300 included their original packaging and manual while over 2,600 of those were in their original shrink wrap. Thomasson would have had to buy an average of a game a day to reach that volume in thirty years. Also, his collection included every major video game console as well as rare and obscure gaming platforms.

The winning bid of $750,000 means the games sold for an average of about $68 each. Thomasson probably got a little bit more than he would have at GameStop.

Source: GameGavel

Edit: A link and the length of the auction were incorrect and have been corrected. Thank you to Adam Locking for pointing it out!

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