Star-Lord Drops Amazing Hip-Hop Chops - Update

| 6 Aug 2014 17:45

You all may have forgotten about Dre, but the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy sure as heck hasn't.

Update: Some beautiful perfect person has set Chris Pratt's epic spitting to music. We've swapped out the original video with the new and improved version. You will never smile this much.

Original story: Note: This is slightly NSFW for swearing and references to drug use. Just be warned.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord's mom made him two mix tapes full of smooth 70s music like Rupert Holmes and Redbone. It is spectacularly awesome (and as we noted in the latest movie Podcast, one of the best uses of licensed music in recent memory.) But if the film's soundtrack had been curated by Star-Lord instead of his mom, chances are it would have had a hell of a lot more hip hop on it.

Or so we assume, since as it turns out, Star-Lord/Peter Quill (and Bert Macklin, F.B.I.) actor Chris Pratt turns out to have the entire Eminem verse of "Forgot About Dre" from Chronic 2001 memorized. And during an appearance to promote Guardians, he handily demonstrated this weird superpower on SiriusXM for DJ Whoo Kid's Shade45 show.

I can't lie, this might be the greatest combination of amateur rapping skills and Orlando Bloom dissing ever recorded. Obviously, this gets us all fantasizing about what might end up on Star-Lord's "Awesome Mix Pt. 2". Sure, he left earth in 1988 and sure, his mom probably didn't listen to Rap. But maybe by accident she threw on a track from "N.W.A. and the Posse" (1987), Ice-T's "Rhyme Pays" (1987) or even World Class Wrecking Cru's "Rapped in Romance" (1986). Yeah, OK, probably not, but why not take this opportunity to put together your own fantasy Guardians 2 soundtrack in comments.

Source: Gawker.

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