July 2014 Best Month for Comic Books in Recorded History

| 12 Aug 2014 01:00

Comic book readers bought $53 million worth of product in July 2014.

You might not think it considering their important role in pop and nerd culture, but comic books usually aren't big sellers. There are successful comics, to be sure, but when you look at a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy which was seen by millions and raked in millions, it might come as a surprise to learn that the latest issue of Rocket Raccoon is considered a big success for selling a mere 300,000 copies.

That in mind, you might also be amazed to discover that this same issue of Rocket Raccoon was the best selling book of July, a month that industry monitors are now calling the most profitable in recorded history. Granted, Diamond Comic Distributors, the company recording these figures, has only been tracking comic sales 1997, which leaves out more than a few years. Even so, you'd be hard pressed to turn you nose up at the $53 million in comic sales the industry raked in last month, riding in part on the strength of books like Rocket Raccoon.

Alongside Rocket Raccoon other popular titles like Batman, Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 also delivered solid sales that helped drive up the month's overall numbers. On the graphic novel front meanwhile, the latest volume of The Walking Dead captured the top spot, something that we feel safe saying probably surprised nobody. Let us know what you read last month and be sure to take a look at July's Comic Collection round-ups to get a peek at the titles we bought.

Source: Blastr

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