Marvel and DC Superheroes Receive a Hello Kitty Makeover

| 12 Aug 2014 13:55

Marvel and DC superheroes (and Gandalf too) have been treated to a Hello Kitty transformation of pink proportions.

If there's one thing you can't accuse the Marvel cinematic universe of, it's being a dark, bleak place void of color or cuteness. Heck, anyone who's seen Guardians of the Galaxy can attest to the fact that the studio is more than willing to couple its more awesome elements with varying shades of adorable. That being the case, there is one direction that the company has very much steered away from and that, my friends, is the realm of pink. Even in the multi-colored hero smorgasbord that was The Avengers, not a single hero deigned to adorn themselves in the color.

At this point, of course, you might be asking why they ever would. To that, I reply tactics. As anyone who's ever walked through the girl's section of any Toys R' Us can attest, concentrated pink is probably the most off-putting color in existence. And while seeing a group of united superfolk might be intimidating, think about how disconcerting it would be to look across the battlefield and see your opponents decked out in pink. I know I'd be taken aback.

Taking this one step further, several bloggers have recently released a batch of edited images reimagining several characters and their costumes as a team of Hello Kitty emblazoned superheroes. The pictures, of course, aren't meant to be taken seriously. Even so, it is arguably surprising how well the bright Kitty pink meshes with the various hero outfits (here's looking at you Hawkeye). The full gallery also extends beyond just Marvel characters, including the Ben Affleck Batman, Superman and even Gandalf the Pink. Because why the heck not? The best part, of course, is that this isn't even close to being the oddest re-imagining we've seen.

Source: Rocketnews24

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