The Awesomeness of Awesome Mix #1 Can't Be Stopped

| 13 Aug 2014 18:20
awesome mix

Peter Quill's personal mix tape of classic hits from Guardians of the Galaxy is #1 on the Billboard charts.

Sure, we knew that Awesome Mix #1 made for an awesome musical backdrop to Guardians of the Galaxy, but now it's officially awesome, having reached the top of the Billboard charts this week. Awesomeness aside, this makes the mix the first album made up entirely of previously released songs to ever hit #1, which makes for another feather in director James Gunn's cap.

And Gunn seems pretty pleased with himself, telling fans "All those days as a child I spent locked in a room listening to AM radio were not wasted!" Though he also admits that the success of Guardians' mix-tape style soundtrack means we're likely to see a flood of imitators... which might not be such a good thing. "Somewhere in a boardroom right now a movie executive is trying to give a film that's not testing well the 'Guardians soundtrack treatment but with a new twist' - say, nineties grunge hits over a buddy action comedy," which he says we aren't likely to thank him for.

Still, we'll enjoy the afterglow of the Awesome Mix while we can... and look forward to Awesome Mix #2.

Source: Billboard via io9

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