Square Enix Opening New RPG-Centric Studio

| 8 Sep 2014 15:35

Square Enix has launched a new recruitment page aimed at forming the core team for "a new RPG studio."

Role-playing fans may recall a few months back when Final Fantasy-maker Square Enix would be refocusing its efforts back toward making the sorts of games that made it famous in the first place: JRPGs. It was news that left many fans of the company eager to see exactly what the publisher intended to do. The answer, it would seem, is launch a whole new studio.

That at least, would seem to be the indication, of a recently discovered recruitment page launched by the company. The page, discovered by members of NeoGAF, is apparently aimed at hiring the core staff for a "A New RPG Studio Ready to Go." A translation provided by the thread's original poster indicated that the positions currently being filled include: Battle Director, Event Director, Lead Planner, Battle Planners, Lead Programmer, Programmers, Marketing Director, Technical Artists, Lead Effects Designer, Lead Animator, Lead 3DCG Character Design, Lead 3DCG Environment designer and Lead Menu Designer. The job postings are apparently also looking for individuals with experience using Unity.

While there's still no indication as to what this new studio will be making, the fact that Square Enix actually seems to be making good on its promise to invest more in RPGs is something we can see gamers taking as good news, especially in the light of the company's recently expressed apprehension at investing in localization efforts to help bring Dragon Quest VII's remakes west.

Source: NeoGAF

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