First Look at Legend of Korra Book 4

| 16 Sep 2014 11:00

Nickelodeon has posted the first clip of Legend of Korra Book 4 as Korra returns home for her recovery.

The first clip of Legend of Korra book 4 is online, setting up expectations for the coming season. After the trauma of the end of book 3, Korra must take time to heal.

The one-minute clip shows Korra still in her wheelchair, weakened by her near death experience. She's returning home to the Southern Water Tribe for her recovery. Bolin says he'll be her pen pal while she's gone for a couple of weeks, and Asami offers to accompany Korra. However, Korra says the time alone will be good for her. Tenzin assures Korra not to worry; the airbenders "have everything under control," but Korra doesn't look happy.

At home, Korra wakes from a nightmare about nearly dying. More than the physical trauma, Korra's trying to cope with the emotional trauma.

Book 4 is titled "Balance." As the last season of Korra, book 4 will possibly continue the ideal of world peace, but Korra may also need to find balance within herself.

Co-creator Bryan Konietzko posted the first image for book 4 on Tumblr. Korra's hair is shorter, similar to her original concept design, and her hardened expression reflects what's happened and possibly what's to come.

Book 3 ended just a few weeks ago, but book 4 is already on the way; its first episode premieres on October 3 on and the Nick app.


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