The Force is With These Minimalist Star Wars Posters

| 19 Sep 2014 15:36

Artist Eric Tan and Disney are selling a set of minimalist Star Wars movie posters that will blow your mind like a torpedoed Death Star.

When you get down to it, Star Wars is a franchise that's very much about visuals. Sure the writing's important and there are things like music to consider, but at the day's end Star Wars just isn't Star Wars without all those nifty spaceships, lightsabers and funky looking aliens.

Ironically though, some of the franchise's best visuals don't come from the movies themselves but rather from the images hung outside the theater. Whether you're talking about the original releases, the Special Editions, or even the prequels, they all boasted movies posters that made them look all sorts of epic.

The wonderfulness of those posters in mind, you can perhaps understand why we so enjoyed a set of movie poster styled art pieces recently released by artist/Disney designer Eric Tan. Tan's posters focus in on the original trilogy and reimagine them as colorful minimalist art pieces that any Star Wars fan would happily hang on their wall. Unfortunately, actually buying them isn't cheap (framed prints cost $399.95 each), but this also wouldn't be the first time someone had paid a high price for their fandom. Take a look at the posters and let us know what you think and which one is your favorite.

Source: /Film

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