GoPro Hero4 Shoots 4K Video, or 1080p at 120 fps

| 29 Sep 2014 12:15

GoPro's latest is $499, shoots 4K video at 30 fps.

The Hero line of GoPro cameras has made for more than its fair share of view-worthy YouTube content, and now there's a new flagship model to make your extreme videos even more...extreme (cue Surge 90's soda commercial).

The Hero4 Black is essentially a double-up of the Hero3+ Black Edition. That means 4K video framerate has gone from 15 fps to 30 fps, and 2.7K video is up to 50 fps from 25 fps. 1080p, still the standard, can be shot in a number of variants, up to 120 frames per second if you need slow-motion video. 4K30 is the biggest addition here, as it finally allows professionals and prosumers to shoot at 4K in a format that can play nice with most software and displays (no one views content at 15 frames per second).

Other improvements include Bluetooth, improved WiFi, enhanced control of ISO and other sensor settings, and a new battery housing. Battery life is claimed to be the same, even with the addition of 4K30.

There's also a Hero4 Silver Edition, which drops 4K30 (but it can shoot 4K15), but includes a touchscreen, which isn't available on the Black model.

Both models go on sale October 5th, for $500 and $400, respectively.

For the more frugal extreme video fiend, there's also the new-ish Hero (no number designation). $130 gets you a small, outdoor-friendly camera, sans-4K and 2.7K shooting (and most of the other new features). But if 1080p30 and 720p60 is all you need, this is the option you should be looking at.

Note: The video up top can be viewed at 2160p, so if you have a 4K display, go nuts.

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