First Look at Three Years' Changes in Legend of Korra Book 4

| 29 Sep 2014 13:25
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Republic City is getting along well after three years, a Legend of Korra Book 4 clip previews.

The final season of Legend of Korra is nearly here, and a look at the opening two minutes shows some changes from the end of Book 3 - mainly, what's changed in three years.

Nick released a trailer over the weekend, confirming that book 4 takes place three years later, with a focus on the Earth Kingdom, as Kuvira threatens peace with a military force.

The opening sequence of the first episode, reportedly titled "After All These Years," briefly shows Republic City three years later. A park honors Korra's bravery and sacrifice, and meanwhile Asami has spearheaded the redevelopment of its rail system, which now extends to the Earth Kingdom.

The trailer shows a shorter-haired Korra, Tenzin's kids grown up a bit more, a militaristic Kuvira, and a surprised Korra as she appears to have found Toph, who has been missing ever since she left the metal clan to go on a journey.

A previous clip of book 4 showed Korra in a wheelchair preparing to head home to the Southern Water Tribe for her recovery after her near death in Book 3. Korra seems to be doing fine physically after three years and is back into bending action.

Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance premieres October 3, the shortest break between seasons for the series. Episodes will be available on Fridays at

Source: IGN

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