Batman Writer Argues Against Planned Series Price Hike

| 3 Oct 2014 15:15

Batman writer Scott Snyder is pushing for DC to alter plans to increase the series' price to $4.99 an issue.

Comic books are expensive. Granted, they might not seem so at first glance. After all, where else can you get a book of hand drawn art for less than you'd spend on a coffee at Starbucks? That being the case, when you're following multiple books and have to keep opening your wallet week after week and month after month to keep up with all the different universes and storylines, the cost of comic collection can add up quick.

That being the case, DC Comics recently announced that it will soon be raising the price of Scott Snyder's popular Batman series. The price hike will add an extra dollar onto the book's current $3.99 pirce tag, making it one of the most expensive monthly series on the market. It was a move that understandably upset many Batfans who were unhappy about the prospect about having to spend more to get their monthly dose of the Dark Knight. As the news broke however, they found unlikely ally: Snyder himself.

"Regading the price point Batman," said Snyder on Twitter. "[Greg Capullo] and I heard about it yesterday w/you, and quickly made a case to DC about reducing. 1/2." He would Tweet again moments later that "DC are taking it very seriously" and instructed his followers to "stay tuned."

Now, to be fair, DC isn't just raising the book's price arbitrarily. Beginning with Snyder's upcoming Endgame storyline, the size of each Batman single issue will be jumping up to 40 pages, 30 of which will be devoted to story content. In other words, while you'll be spending more, each individual book will contain more than they did in the past. With many comic fans already struggling to justify the cost of their hobby however, any sort of increase is bound to look bad. Add in the fact that a popular book like Batman could easily serve as a precedent setter and there's even more fuel for outrage. We've reached out to DC for further comments.

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