Warcraft III May be Coming to Blizzard's Launcher

| 5 Oct 2014 22:43

Could this be to promote an impending Warcraft IV announcement? I certainly hope so.

Blizzard's launcher is a pretty great client, and easy way to keep track of all your Blizzard games. Unfortunately, Blizzard's older legacy titles, such as Diablo II and Warcraft III, do not yet enjoy compatibility with the platform. However, the latest launcher update has of course already been data-mined by the boys and girls over at MMO Champion, and they have turned up two interesting new images, which you can see right here:

These images look strikingly similar to the icons and background images currently in use for all other launcher games, which makes it fairly certain that Warcraft III's release on the launcher is on the way. The real question is, what does it mean?

Is it just Blizzard trying to fully update its entire library, and can we expect the likes of Diablo II, Warcraft II and StarCraft to follow? Or is it a lead up to something bigger, say, the announcement of Warcraft IV we've all been waiting for...

Titan Blizzard's "not-so-secret" secret MMO project was recently announced to have been cancelled, which should have freed up resources to work on other titles (although we don't really have an idea of how long it had been since the title was cancelled, and the cancellation was officially announced).

Source: MMO Champion

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