Jurassic World LEGO Sets Coming in May 2015

| 9 Oct 2014 14:55
Jurassic World

Universal and the LEGO Group have announced a new Jurassic World licensing deal that will deliver brick dinosaurs to toy shelves in May 2015.

If all goes according to plan, Jurassic World will be hitting theaters at the beginning of June 2015. And while there are currently no guarantees about the film's quality, one thing we can definitely expect is that it will be merchandised out the wazoo. After all, if there's one concept that translates effortlessly to children's toys, it's giant human-munching lizards. Along those lines, Universal and LEGO have just recently announced their intention to launch a new line of Jurassic World-themed construction sets that will recreate the film's prehistoric horrors with adorable plastic bricks.

Jokes about giant LEGO-fied carnivores aside, this new deal is one that has both Universal and LEGO understandably excited. "We are thrilled to be a part of the groundbreaking Jurassic Park series," said Jill Wilfert, vice president of global licensing for the LEGO group. "The film's imagery and branding are iconic, with a rich array of landscapes, vehicles and dinosaurs that are perfect for inspiring a line of building sets that will encourage hours of creative play." Stephanie Sperber, president of Universal Partnerships & Licensing also expressed excitement over the new licensing deal. "Jurassic Park defined dinosaurs for an entire generation 20 years ago, and Jurassic World will do the same in 2015," said Sperber. "Working with LEGO Group to bring this classic into the present in dynamic and exciting ways is truly thrilling."

While the initial announcement contained little information as to what sort of construction sets we can expect at first, the companies were able to confirm that they'll start making their way to toy sellers in May 2015. And while the film itself could, of course, wind up being a dud (we're still trying to forget Jurassic Park 3) it's nice to know we might be able to find some solace in playing with LEGO raptors which would pretty much be the most epically awesome mini-figures ever made. We've reached out to LEGO to see if we can we can learn more.

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