Marvel Reviving Age of Apocalypse for Summer 2015

| 27 Oct 2014 13:48

Marvel has released a teaser image for a new Age of Apocalypse event for summer 2015.

So summer 2015 looks to be shaping up into one busy time for Marvel comics. In case you missed it, the famous publisher has spent the better part of the last two weeks unveiling teasers for special series, many of which appear to drawing on or even redoing some of the company's most famous and beloved stories. Marvel revealed images potentially pointing at new versions of Civil War, Armor Wars, Planet Hulk, and House of M. Apparently not satisfied with its already announced events however, it's now teased a new take on Age of Apocalypse.

Age of Apocalypse, was mid-90s alternate universe story that focused in on a world where Charles Xavier was killed before forming the X-Men. In his absence, the evil mutant apocalypse takes over North America, leaving Magneto to form the famous team and fight back. The new cover, illustrated by artist Andy Clarke, released by Marvel notably features the X-Men largely as they appeared in the original comic event. While there's no way yet of telling for sure, of course, this could point to the new story being closely tied to its 1995 progenitor. Like many of the other special series Marvel has announced recently, the new Age of Apocalypse is slated for a summer 2015 release.

Just personally, I'll say that I'm increasingly unsure as to what to make of Marvel's lengthening list of summer 2015 releases. On the one hand, it's nice to see the company clearly approaching the coming year with some sort of plan. Moreover, while most of what's been announced has roots in its past work, other events show the comics publisher perhaps looking, in some regards, to take some steps forward. I'm also curious as to how the new Age of Apocalypse could tie into the X-Men: Apocalypse flick coming out in 2016. That being the case, it's still somewhat hard to get around the fact that most of what Marvel's been unveiling is stuff that it's already done before. What's your take? Are you excited for these books or have the announcements fallen flat with you?

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