Warner Bros. Developing Krypton TV Series

| 27 Oct 2014 15:14

David Goyer reportedly attached to develop new DC series

Warner Brothers' "Batman without Batman" series Gotham has divided critics but grabbed audiences in a big way. Now, the TV arm of DC Comics could be adding another prequel series to its booming roster.

Bleeding Cool reports that David Goyer, the writer/producer who has worked on projects such as the Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel and Constantine, is attached to develop a new TV series adjacent to the DC Universe. It's title? Krypton.

No other information is available about the project, but based on the title, most are assuming a prequel series similar to Gotham but set on Superman's doomed homeworld at a point when it was significantly less doomed. The actual backstory of Krypton from the comics is somewhat muddied, with multiple different versions envisioned by multiple writers throughout the decades. In some variations, it is a scientifically-advanced utopia and/or eventual dystopia, while in other early versions it was depicted as an entire planet of superhumans.

If it comes to pass, Krypton would be the second Superman-related series on Warner/DC's TV schedule, with Supergirl already heading to CBS.

Source: Bleeding Cool



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