Desperation Strikes in a Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic LARP

| 30 Oct 2014 12:45

Another LARP from the Czech Republic involves an original science fiction world where characters have little hope of surviving the game.

How would your character fare in a tragedy? The science fiction, post-apocalyptic LARP Střepiny, or Shrapnel in English, places players in an atmosphere of extinction and desolation after a high-tech civilization collapses. Survival is not guaranteed.

The game is a dramatic one, and players overcome obstacles and outsmart each other. Some characters also have dark secrets. Nothing is happy in Střepiny; it's all doom and gloom. The goal of the game is to solve the tragic situation that came about from the collapse of galactic civilization and getting past the inability to do anything about it.

While the game is suitable to newcomers, some characters will need to wear silicone masks. While the game organizers state the masks are designed to be as comfortable as possible, wearing them is still physically demanding for some people. However, players with masks will have times when they can take off the masks and relax. Three of the five races wear masks.

Most players, especially people new to LARPs, will be homo sapiens. These humans are "normal" and just wear a neural implant. Other characters will be cyborgs; homo navarrensis, rescued by corporations from their collapsing ecosystem; homo belliger, warriors created for obedience, devotion, service, and killing; and a single individual as the homo exarchos, a race which originated as a genetically enhanced ruler and nearly destroyed humanity. This individual grapples with the issue of abuse of power.

For this game, players did not need to make or supply their own costumes, unlike a Wild West Czech LARP. Organizers provide costumes and food for players.

So far Střepiny has had six runs of the game in Prague.

Photos are courtesy of Concept art is from Střepiny, and photos are by Ondra Penicka.

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