Marvel Debuts Secret Wars 2015 Cover During TV Special

| 5 Nov 2014 09:52

Marvel used an ABC TV special as a platform to show off new cover art for next year's Secret Wars event.

Back at the beginning of October, Marvel kicked off its now epic run of reveals by announcing a new take on its 1984 Secret Wars storyline. Set to release in 2015, the new book will take place in the aftermath of the ongoing Avengers story Time Runs Out and will potentially involve multiple other planned events and both the 616 and Ultimate universes.

The crossover nature of the book was further affirmed last night when Marvel unveiled one of the supposed comic covers for the series at the end of ABC's Marvel: 75 Years from Pulp to Pop television special. The new cover, similar to the original teaser released last month, showcased a bevy of Marvel superheroes from multiple books, teams and universes. More specifically the cover's roster included the likes of female Thor, Cyclops, Captain Marvel, Namor, Dr. Doom, Black Panther, Thanos, Star-Lord, Black Bolt and All-New X-Men's Jean Grey. It also featured both the 616 and Ultimate versions of Spider-Man and Reed Richards.

What remains unclear, of course, is how all these diverse will come together and what will (presumably) drive them to start beating the living hell out of each other. While Marvel is being almost admirably tightlipped about its recent comic book announcements, there are still certain things you can potentially surmise. For instance, who wants to bet that the 616/Ultimate crossover that will clearly occur in Secret Wars will have something to do with Ultimate Universe: The End and the Everything Ends event teased just yesterday? Time will have to tell if that winds up being the case, but we definitely have a feeling about them.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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