See the New Cards for Hearthstone Expansion Goblins vs. Gnomes - Update

| 7 Nov 2014 16:00
Goblins vs. Gnomes

Update: Includes gallery of new cards.

Original Story: BlizzCon 2014 kicked off in Anaheim today with the announcement of a new expansion for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft called Goblins vs. Gnomes, which will be released next month.

Hearthstone production director Jason Chayes said that more than 120 cards would be available, including Explosive Sheep and The Annoyotron. While fans not at BlizzCon will have to wait until next month, players at the con will get to play it right away.

The game is in its final balance passes of development, Chayes said. Goblins will have lots of explosives, while Gnomes will transform things with gadgets. He also said there will be a lot of automated robotic mechs, like a spider tank, and a category of mech called the piloted mech. "The way that these work when you put them into play, they'll do their battle or your behalf, and when they blow up at the end of their existence, you'll see the pilot eject out and parachute in as a random card," he said. Cards like Harvest Golem and Alarmobot will now be considered mechs in the game.

The philosophy of Goblins vs. Gnomes is to be more involved than the previously released Curse of Naxxramas "adventure" released earlier this year, he said. "This will be a bigger change to the game with more of an impact on on the various deck types you will see."

In addition to the expansion release, Android support for the game will be coming next month as well.

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