The Lord of the Rings' Saddest Song Covered by YouTube Songstress

| 13 Nov 2014 17:04

YouTube musician Malukah has released a new cover of The Edge of Night (Pippin's Song) and In Dreams from The Lord of the Rings.

Of all of the things that The Lord of the Rings got wonderfully right, one of its strongest elements was its regularly dramatic score. This was perhaps no better exemplified than in The Return of the King when Pippin (played by actor Billy Boyd) sang the mournful song The Edge of Night inter-cut with Faramir's doomed attempt to retake the captured city of Osgiliath. In a movie filled with massive conflicts and epic battles, it was a quiet moment that was nonetheless affecting for many moviegoers. On the off chance that you've forgotten just how lovely this song is, we'd recommend that you check out the latest video from internet musician Malukah.

In her latest upload, she performs a low key cover of The Edge of Night coupled with In Dreams from The Fellowship of the Ring. Even without an apocalyptic war with Sauron raging in the background to make things more intense, she does a good job of capturing the same soft sadness that Boyd did in his original version. Its transition into her rendition of In Dreams is also markedly organic and natural feeling. Speaking to The Escapist, Malukah indicated that the two songs are longtime favorites.

"Ever since watching the end credits of The Fellowship of the Ring, In Dreams has been the song that represents the entire Lord of the Rings film trilogy for me," she said. "I wanted to make this cover starting with The Edge of Night (Pippin's Song) because in a way, it would pay tribute to all three films. They each face darkness, but always end with hope."

This, of course, isn't the first time Malukah has visited Tolkien-based film music. In the past she's also released a cover of The Misty Mountains Cold from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Listeners who enjoy her The Edge of Night and In Dreams cover can find it for pay-what-you-want purchase at Loudr. Before you look into those though, let us know what you think of her take on the songs.

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