All of Evolve's DLC Maps Will be Free

| 22 Nov 2014 01:30
Evolve GI cover

In order to avoid segregating the community, all future maps for Evolve will be free downloads for all players.

Speaking to IGN, Turtle Rock Studios' Creative Director Phil Robb confirmed that all future DLC maps for the upcoming monster hunter will be completely free for all players. He says this was done mostly to avoid segregating the community - he didn't want players to have the experience of being kicked off a server because they didn't pay for something.

"First thing we [Evolve's creative leads] said was we can't break the community up, so all of our maps will be free. We never want anyone to get booted off of a server because they haven't bought something," said Robb.

Additionally, Robb discussed the two other forms of DLC the game will receive: hunters and monsters. "We'll have characters and monsters, and even if you don't buy them, if your buddy wants to buy the DLC, that's cool, and your game will be enhanced through his purchase," Robb said. "So, you won't be able to play as those characters, but you will certainly be able to play with those characters."

Certainly a very consumer-friendly solution to a problem that has been plaguing first-person-shooter ever since the likes of Call of Duty and Halo popularized the DLC map pack.

Robb finally added that those who pre-ordered the game would receive the first monster DLC for free.

Do you remember back in the days of Quake, or Counter-strike, or even Team Fortress 2 where it was just... assumed that future maps would be free? Or that the game would ship with the support for the community to make their own maps? We've come a long way since then, but hopefully with some more devs like Turtle Rock Studios, we can get back there.

Source: IGN

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