Check Out New No Man's Sky Footage From The Game Awards

| 5 Dec 2014 23:59

The beautiful, colorful planets of Hello Games' sci-fi adventure are front and center in the latest trailer for No Man's Sky.

Since its announcement at last year's Spike TV VGX Awards, Hello Games' No Man's Sky has received plenty of attention for its ambitious gameplay. Just about a year after it was first revealed, new footage from the game debuted at the show tonight, all captured from No Man's Sky in real time.

Despite floods devastating Hello Games' studio earlier this year, the developer managed to bounce back with an extremely strong E3 showing. No Man's Sky took home plenty of awards from the event, including best original game and best independent game.

When it was announced last year, Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray said of the sci-fi adventure, "We wanted to make a game about exploration, and we wanted to make a game that was real. If you can see it, you can walk there, you can explore it. The planet on the horizon is a real place." That spirit of exploration is definitely visible in this trailer, and I remain optimistic about Hello Games' biggest project to date. It's super ambitious, and I hope they can pull it off.

No Man's Sky launches on PS4 in 2015, followed by a PC release some indeterminate time later.

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