Leaked Windows 10 Build Reveals Xbox, Cortana Integration

| 14 Dec 2014 20:47
windows 10 cortana

A leaked build of Windows 10 has revealed a few new features of the upcoming OS.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft revealed Windows 10, its new operating system set to come out some time next year. There's already a test build out there in the wild, and despite the usual NDAs someone has leaked some images, that show off a few cool features we can hope to expect from the OS. The biggest new feature is the integration of Cortana, Microsoft's answer to Siri that is currently being used by Windows phones. Also revealed was a new Xbox app, that lets you pretty much control your console from your PC.

Reportedly, in the leaked technical preview, Cortana sits at the top of the search interface for Windows 10, responding to text and voice commands. It's all very similar to the Windows Phone version, as you'd expect, with access to the notebook, reminders, and interests.

As for the Xbox app, it essentially acts as a gateway between your PC and your console. It gives access to the entire Xbox ecosystem, including access to achievements, friends lists, activity feeds, and the Store. It's also very likely that the app will feature SmartGlass integration in the future.

The new preview build also features various other improvements to task-switching and the control panel. We should note that it is still a very early look at the OS right now, and it is bound to change, perhaps even dramatically, before it releases.

Source: The Verge

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