This BioShock Aquarium Takes Fish To Rapture

| 22 Dec 2014 17:50

Super-Fan Builds designed a hand-crafted BioShock fish tank so one fan could feed her fish with Big Daddy and Little Sister.

It's really cool to check out all the impressive, custom-made gaming paraphenalia out there that fans have designed. But what might be much cooler is seeing such objects designed as gifts, which is Super-Fan Builds' trade. Using a team of professional Hollywood prop makers, Super-Fan Builds constructs one-of-a-kind items based on video games, comics, and movies as a gift for an especially dedicated fan. This week, that fan is Courtney King, who is hugely "passionate" about the BioShock series. So in response, Super-Fan Builds has constructed a super-cool BioShock aquarium, and posted online exactly how it was designed.

The aquarium is designed to encapsulate a tiny slice BioShock's Rapture, showcasing a fight between Jack and a Big Daddy in the connective tunnels. A photoshopped, backlit image of Rapture itself fills the background, while sculptures of Jack, Big Daddy, and a Little Sister are placed in the foreground. Not only that, but the Big Daddy is hollow, which allowed Super-Fan Builds to install headlights and a moving drill.

The sculptures themselves are impressive, but there several great tiny details to help this piece stand out. The frame has been faux-finished to give it a bronze, steampunk feel. Iconic rapture statues frame the tank's exterior. Even those pipes in the background are hand-crafted. Not that Super-Fan Builds were against making changes - Rapture's new logo is "No Gods or Kings. Only Fish."

Naturally, all the hard work pays off when Courtney receives her gift in the video's final moments. But is there any chance of taking on Columbia next?

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