Artist's One-Sketch-a-Day Project Leads to Gorgeous Gaming Art

| 30 Dec 2014 15:35

Artist Bariel Picolo is nearing the end of a year long quest to finish a drawing every day of 2014.

For a lot of people, the coming of a new year is often coupled with personal resolutions that most inevitably fail to fulfill. Take me, as an example. For several years now I've sworn to the gods, old and new, that I'd cut back on my Oreo intake. As sincere as I am when I make my vows though, I still eventually find myself sitting at a table with an emptied cookie box and crumb-laced glass of milk. Luckily, not everyone's as weak-willed as me. Some people make promises to themselves and follow through, come hell or high water.

Take Brazilian artist Bariel Picolo. At the beginning of 2014, Picolo made a New Year's resolution to complete a single drawing ever day. Where others might have let that goal slip after a few weeks however, Picolo stuck with it and has since filled the pages of his sketchbook with an epic collection of art pieces inspired by everything from his personal life to video games. His work on the latter has produced impressive pieces paying tribute to titles including the Persona series, Shadow of the Colossus, The Last of Us and more.

Speaking to The Escapist, Picolo explained that his artistic resolution was born out of his desire to bounce back from a prior year of inactivity. "I almost didn't draw anything during 2013," he said. "So I challenged myself to draw once a day during 2014." He would go on to confirm that each "doodle" takes him between three to five hours and that he's not sure if he'll continue with his daily illustrations when 2014 comes to a close tomorrow night. Even if he doesn't, it'd be hard to fault him. After a year of sketches, he's probably accomplished more artistically than many other people will in their entire lives. Readers interested in taking a look at his huge gallery can find it at DeviantArt.

Source: DeviantArt

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