The Next Far Cry Could Star Vampires, or Dinosaurs

| 5 Jan 2015 20:51
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Ubisoft is asking its fans where the next Far Cry should be set, with the wild west, dinosaur island, and "fighting vampires" being options.

Far Cry 4 may have only just recently been released, but Ubisoft is keen to start planning the next one, and is asking its fans where, and against what, the next Far Cry should be set. Among the poll options are fairly real-world grounded-in-reality type choices such as Peru and Alaska, plus historical settings such as the Vietnam War and a the wild west.

However, there are quite a few bizarre, outlandish choices, such as "a Far Cry game where you can fight against or join vampires","a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic world", or even "a Far Cry game set in the modern day on a Jurassic Park-style island with dinosaurs". Naturally, there is also an option for a Far Cry game set during a zombie invasion.

While these crazy choices do seem a bit strange for the main Far Cry series, which usually maintains some semblance of sanity, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon springs to mind. If you need a refresher, Blood Dragon was the absolutely insane spin-off of Far Cry 3 that parodied 80's action and sci-fi movies in the most hilarious way.

Vampires and Dinosaurs certainly sound like a good setting for another stand-alone Blood Dragon-style spin-off.

It's also worth noting that the poll contains an option for a Blood Dragon sequel, something which is rumored to already be in the works, as well as a return to Far Cry 4's world of Shangri-La.

Source: Eurogamer

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