The Witcher 3's Steelbook Art Will Leave You Bewitched

| 6 Jan 2015 02:20

Artist Krysztof Domaradzki has produced a gorgeous collection of artwork for the steelbox game case included in the collector's edition of The Witcher 3.

If there's one thing that regularly fails to impress me, it's when a developer tries to draw people into buying a collector's edition with minor perks like steelbook game cases. Granted, this could just be me. There are probably plenty of people who jump for joy at the prospect of a snazzy metal case to hold their fragile game discs in. For me though, they've never stirred any real excitement.

That is, at least, up until now. You see, there's this game coming out in May called The Witcher 3 and, in addition to looking generally awesome, its collector's edition will apparently come packaged with some of the loveliest steelbook cases I've ever seen. The source of this loveliness? Polish artist Krysztof Domaradzki.

Working with CD Projekt RED, Domaradzki has produced a series of high quality art pieces, several of which will find their way onto the game's steelbook cases when it releases later this year. The pictures themselves primarily depict the game's main cast, with a lot of focus being understandably paid to series-protagonist Geralt of Rivia. What makes them especially eye-catching, in my opinion, is the way that Domaradzki seamlessly blended enemies and environments with the characters themselves.

The collector's edition itself was originally revealed last year at a special online event held by CD Projekt RED. In addition to the steelbook case, it will include a hand-painted statue, a two-hundred page artbook, a cloth map and more. Sadly, most major retailers are already sold out of it, but if you can find a place still offering it, the collector's edition can be pre-ordered for $149.99.

Source: Studio KXX

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