RUMOR: Batman v Superman Being Split Into Two Films?

| 9 Jan 2015 15:31
dawn split

Is one movie not big enough for DC's heaviest hitters?

Only a moment ago, it seemed like the biggest rumor involving Warner Bros upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was that a trailer for the film might finally be hitting theaters attached to the studio's big-budget sci-fi actioner Jupiter Ascending. But now a much juicier (if more dubious) spot of gossip has hit the web.

An image of unknown origin appeared on Imgur earlier today, alleging to be sourced from the film's upcoming teaser. It purports to show evidence that the film is being divided into two parts, Enter The Knight and Dawn of Justice. Intriguingly, the image also suggests that the first part could open several months earlier than originally slated.

If true, this could potentially create a de-facto trilogy, as the first Justice League film was supposedly set to follow directly from the ending of this feature. At this time, there has been no confirmation or denial from Warner Bros at this time.

Source: AICN


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