Fantasy Flight Games Starting Euro Classics Line, Brings Back Tigris & Euphrates

| 12 Jan 2015 17:45
ffg tigris and euphrates box art

The classic Reiner Knizia design has been unavailable in the United States for some time.

Set in the time of the ancient fertile crescent, during the rise of the first human civilizations, game design treasure Reiner Knizia's Tigris & Euphrates has been unavailable to Americans for a while now. No more! With Fantasy Flight Games announcing a new line of "Euro Classics" and leading off that launch with a redesigned reprint of the tile-laying game of pleasing Inanna, Goddes of Love, Fertility and Warfare. While Fantasy Flight was scarce on details about what their line of classics will also include, we can put safe money on the influence of new Fantasy Flight owners Asmodee, a European publisher with a treasure trove of old Euros to get back on American shelves, and likely eager to utilize FFG's advanced distribution and production chain to do it.

Tigris & Euphrates is a real gamers' game, with tactical and strategic points contested throughout the game and little to no luck involving the final outcome of conflicts. The last edition of the game to make it to American shelves was a Mayfair Games printing in 2008. It's a game that many gamers can't get enough of, and old copies often sell for much more than their original purchase price. In the game, players play kings in ancient Mesopotamia, placing farms, temples, markets, and settlements to claim land with their own dynasty. As the civilizations expand, they come into conflict and wars kick off. The game is noteworthy for its method of deciding the victor, where the player whose weakest category of success is highest claims victory - forcing generalization over specialization.

For more, check out FFG's official announcement page or their official Tigris & Euphrates page.



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