Diablo III Patch 2.1.2 is Now Live, Bringing New Goblins, And "Ancient Legendaries"

| 14 Jan 2015 04:26
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Major reworks to Demon Hunter, Monk, and Barbarian endgame sets are also a focus of Diablo III's 2.1.2 patch.

Remember last year's Blizzcon, where Blizzard promised Diablo fans some juicy new changes for it's endless loot-farming dungeon crawler, Diablo III? Well, good news! A lot of the stuff we fawned over at Blizzcon has just been released in the 2.1.2 patch!

You can check out the full patch notes here, but for a quick TL;DR summary of the most important points, patch 2.1.2 consists of:

  • Various changes to classes, including reworks of Demon Hunter, Monk, and Barbarian endgame sets
  • Three new legendary gems and three new legendary items
  • A rework of multiple "old" legendary items, with many getting a new "legendary power"
  • Four new types of treasure goblin that each drop specific kinds of loot (IE: the "Gem Hoarder" goblin who only drops gems)
  • The introduction of a new tier of item: "Ancient Legendary". These items are the same as their Legendary counterparts, but roll with a higher stat range

Other, more minor changes include a nerf/buff to the various pylons found in greater rifts (bye bye god-mode conduit pylon), and some nerfs to some of the game's most annoying monsters.

For those of you wondering where Season 2 is, Blizzard announced that while all the Season 2 data has been included in this patch, it won't actually kick off until some time in February, which means you still have time to race your Season 1 character to level 70, for those exclusive transmog rewards.

It's nothing too major or amazing, but it's a nice patch full of content players have been asking for for a while. Enjoy!

Source: Blizzard

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