Star Wars Fan Takes Custom UCS Landspeeder to LEGO Ideas

| 16 Jan 2015 13:30

Aaron "Psyence" Fiskum has launched a new Ideas campaigned aimed at helping his custom-made Star Wars Landspeeder model become the latest entry in LEGO's Ultimate Collector's Series.

If you're a fan of The LEGO Group's Star Wars and Batman products, then you probably already know that it doesn't get much better than the Ultimate Collector's Series. Comprised of large, expensive and highly detailed construction sets, the UCS represents the cream of the crop when it comes to modern LEGO products. New additions, in turn, don't come around every day. If LEGO builder Aaron "Psyence" Fiskum has his way however, his homegrown Star Wars Landspeeder will be the next entry in LEGO's most extravagant product line.

Submitted to LEGO Ideas on January 14th, Fiskum's build is a UCS-sized version of the X-34 Landspeeder driven by Luke Skywalker at the beginning Star Wars: A New Hope. According to Fiskum's Ideas page, his version of the classic vehicle utilizes a total of 2,798 LEGO pieces and measures more than 22 inches long. A veteran builder and LEGO fan "since age [four]," Fiskum designed his build by looking at a variety of different sources including existing toys, vehicle schematics and, of course, A New Hope itself. He then used the LEGO Digital Designer program to fashion and revise a digital model until he'd created "something acceptable" and worth building in the real world.

What remains to be seen is whether or not Fiskum's Landspeeder will gain the supporters it needs to be put for official review. While he he's only accumulated a few hundred so far, he has almost an entire year left to reach the 10,000 required to earn an official company review. The bigger question might be whether or not LEGO itself will be comfortable letting a customer built design join the UCS. This, of course, also isn't the first LEGO product based on A New Hope's Landspeeder. Not that existing products have ever stopped LEGO when it's come to the creating new toys, of course.

Source: LEGO Ideas

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