Marvel Comics Will Tempt the Guardians of the Galaxy With "Untold Cosmic Power"

| 16 Jan 2015 15:15

Marvel has released new preview images for its X-Men/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover event The Black Vortex.

You may recall back in November 2014 when Marvel announced that writer Brian Michael Bendis had plans to head up a new crossover event: The Black Vortex. A cosmic story line starring the X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy, it will focus on the two team's efforts to stop some of the galaxy's greatest villains from acquiring an ancient relic capable of transforming anyone who uses it into a being with cosmic superpowers. With the event set to kick off next month, Marvel is understandably hoping to get its readers excited about it. Toward that end, it's recently released a series of preview images showcasing Guardians of the Galaxy #24.

The second chapter in The Black Vortex, Guardians 24 will apparently open with the book's heroes already in possession of the titular Vortex. The relic is far from safe, however, and with baddies like Mr. Knife, Thane and the Slaughter Squad pursuing them, The Guardians and the X-Men, according to Marvel, may consider using the Black Vortex on themselves to gain "the upper hand."

The obvious question, of course, is whether or not the various members of the two hero teams will be have the inner stength enough to control themselves once they've had their powers upgraded. Considering how Marvel heroes usually react to sudden influxes of "untold cosmic power"(especially the X-Men, poor buggers), we can probably expect at least a few characters to lose their marbles, be morally corrupted or (if things get really heavy) destroy a star system or two. On the plus side, since the Guardians are involved The Black Vortex could give us a cosmically empowered Rocket Raccoon. How awesome would that be?

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