This Year's League of Legends World Championship Will be Held in Europe

| 22 Jan 2015 01:05
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The 2015 League of Legends World Championship will be coming to various cities in Europe this October.

Riot Games has just announced that this year's League of Legends World Championship series will be taking place in Europe. Continuing the pattern from last year's competition, Worlds 2015 will be a multi-city, multi-country event, with the Group Stage, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Final showdown held in different cities within Europe, although Riot doesn't have any additional information on what those cities will be at this stage.

"We can't wait to head to Europe and bring the best League of Legends pro teams from around the world to fans across multiple cities and countries," said Riot in an official statement. "Europe has been a home for LoL esports since the very first steps in our journey. It's the setting for the EU LCS, the host for many memorable esports tournaments and events, and the home of some of the most talented players to dominate the game."

"It's still too early to share exact details - we're currently confirming venues, timing, format, and more - and we'll be sharing those details in the next few months," it added.

Last year, we were invited by Riot to attend its World Championship Grand Final in Korea. As well as an incredibly epic turnout of over 40,000 fans, followed by some of the best League of Legends play I've ever seen, we also saw some absolutely jaw-dropping cosplay from Korea's finest.

Last year's competition had the group stage and quarter-finals in Taipei and Singapore respectively, before moving to Seoul for the semi and grand finals. The year before, the championship played out in America, so it seems only fair that the Europeans are getting their chance this year.

Source: Riot Games

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