R.A. Salvatore Brings DemonWars RPG Expansion To Kickstarter

| 29 Jan 2015 01:22

DemonWars: Allheart is the follow-up to R.A. Salvatore's RPG Kickstarter, featuring a Knight class and solo play rules.

When 38 Studios went under, R.A. Salvatore responded in the best way he knew: Independently publishing an old-school fantasy RPG. The finished product, DemonWars: Reformation, was a tabletop game that emphasized ease-of-play and fast-paced combat mechanics in the same spirit of Dungeons & Dragons' First Edition. Now Salvatore has returned to Kickstarter with a DemonWars: Allheart expansion, introducing the Knight class along with solo and GM-free gameplay options.

DemonWars is set in the world of Corona, the setting of 11 fantasy novels written by Salvatore. Allheart focuses on the kingdom of Honce-the-Bear, but steps beyond the Monk class to introduce the Allheart Knights. Having one class per book may not sound like much, but DemonWars knights don't advance in a typical way. Players choose from two of seven specializations to guide character development, letting you mix and match to fulfill various character roles. In short, that means DemonWars knights can be anything from tanks to support characters while still operating within the same class.

Allheart will also feature new and expanded game systems. Jousting and fiefdom mechanics will be added as mini-games you can run within a DemonWars campaign, or play as standalone sessions. What's more, Allheart comes with a random adventure generator that lets players run GM-less and solo games if they choose. Salvatore will also include setting information for Southern Honce, along with a detailed starting area in the barony of Auvon-Lea.

According to the Kickstarter page, DemonWars: Allheart is finished mechanically, but the writing and publishing fronts still require backer support. The project still has 21 days and $35,000 to go, although if Salvatore's last Kickstarter is anything to go on it has a good chance of succeeding. If so, expect to see the finished book reach gaming stores by Nov. 2015.

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