Award-Winning Mouse Guard RPG Gets A Second Edition

| 31 Jan 2015 16:16
Mouse Guard Second Edition

After years out-of-print, Archaia Entertainment will release new Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game rulebooks and box sets this April.

Most tabletop roleplaying games let you choose from a variety of races, whether human, elf, dwarf, or orc. But very few put you in the cape of a small mouse involved in equally epic adventures. The exception is the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game, based on the Mouse Guard comic book series. Sadly, this award-winning game has been out of print for some time, but not for much longer: This April players can play a brand-new edition published by Archaia Entertainment.

Mouse Guard's comic, created by David Petersen, was an all-ages fantasy series about an order of anthropomorphic mouse rangers. The roleplaying game version, written by Luke Crane, expanded the setting and allowed players to create their own characters to explore and defend the Guard's world. The new edition will launch with a revised and updated rulebook containing new art from Petersen, and features rules on leading missions and forming patrols. (Tiny, adorably heroic patrols.)

I have yet to try Mouse Guard myself, but it's certainly left a strong impression among players. It even won the 2009 Origin Award for "Best Roleplaying Game", which you'll pardon the pun, is no small feat. The last we saw of the Mouse Guard RPG was a 2011 Box Set that included a supplement book and optional rules. This time, players can choose between a 320-hardcover volume or a Second Edition Box Set with additional Action, Weapon, and Condition cards.

Both the hardcover volume and the Box Set launch in April 2015. The standalone book will set you back $34.99, while picking up the box will cost $69.99.

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