STRAFE is The "1996 Style" Hyper-Violent FPS We Deserve

| 2 Feb 2015 23:52

STRAFE is the game your 13-year-old 1996 self would have loved to play.

"STRAFE is the fastest, bloodiest, deadliest, most adjective-abusing, action-packed first-person shooter of 1996!" boasts developer Pixel Titan in the game's Kickstarter pitch. This statement alone should already convince most to throw their money at their computer screens, but if you need some more, check out the deliciously retro VHS-style trailer to the right, and then tell me you don't want to play this game.

Pixel Titans, the geniuses behind this project, are asking for an oddly specific $185,096 to fund the game, of which $67,928 had been raised at time of writing. While the game obviously draws heavily from the likes of Quake and Unreal in terms of gameplay and graphics, it will have a few modern doodads to liven it up.

Levels will be procedurally generated, and infinite, and death is permanent. Furthermore, the blood splattered walls and giblets of your fallen enemies will remain indefinitely, meaning you can use the trail of blood and gore to mark your way through the level.

One thing that STRAFE is not, however, is an arena shooter. Pixel Titans have made it clear that it's not stepping on Quake Live's toes, and is instead bringing us a fully single-player experience.

Each of the game's three weapons includes a secondary firing method and is affected by two types of powerups you can collect. Common power-ups affect your weapon attributes such as magazine size, damage, reload time and firing speed, while rare power-ups alter your secondary fire, like turning your machine gun into a mine launcher to set traps or splitting your shotgun flak at mid-range.

If you think this is a game that should be made (and you should), then you can throw money at it on its Kickstarter page, where $15 is the minimum required pledge to get a copy of the game.

You can also check out its awesome GeoCities inspired website.

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