It's Luke vs. Vader in Stars Wars #2 Preview Pages

| 4 Feb 2015 15:59

Marvel and Disney have released preview pages showcasing a fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in Star Wars #2.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Marvel and Jason Aaron's new Star Wars comic released last month and ended on a rather ominous cliffhanger. An untrained Luke Skywalker standing across from Darth Vader, lightsaber in hand and ready to take the dark lord on. While the comic's position as an interquel meant that nothing too serious could happen, it was still a dramatic image on which to end the first entry in the franchise's new comic continuity.

Issue two of Star Wars released today and, with the book now landing on comic store shelves, Marvel decided to give eager readers an advance look at its first few pages. Picking up right where the first issue left off, it will open with Luke trying to kill Darth Vader. As one would expect at this early stage in the story, Vader completely trounces him and then spends the remainder of the revealed pages disparaging Luke, insulting Obi-Wan and demanding that the young Skywalker help him find "the rebel pilot who destroyed the Death Star."

Oh Mr. Vader! If only you knew!

While I do like how this sequence plays with Luke and Vader not knowing they're father and son, I will say that I'm a bit disappointed by Aaron feeling it was necessary to bring the two face-to-face so quickly. As I wrote in my review of issue one, part of what made their confrontations in the movies special for me was how rare they were. Fighting Darth Vader was treated like a monolithic feat for Luke. Some of that will, honestly, be spoiled for me if it's revealed that they ran into each other constantly in-between the films. Now granted, others might feel differently and there are ways this encounter could play into the already established story from the movies (Vader learning Luke was behind the Death Star's destruction), but I'm still hopeful that going forward the comic will be a bit more sparse with its Vader vs. Luke moments.

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