Warp Pipe To Where? Dying Light Has A Hidden Super Mario Level

| 5 Feb 2015 14:45

Techland's Dying Light includes a Super Mario Bros Easter Egg to mix up the zombie parkour gameplay.

Dying Light has been out for a week, and players are uncovering far more than just zombies and parkour running. The game is jam packed with Easter Eggs, including everything from Destiny's loot cave to a recreation of Plants Vs Zombies. The latest example is intended for Nintendo fans - a warp pipe paying tribute to Super Mario Bros. But the real twist is that it's functional and will take your zombie survivor to a recreation of World 1-1.

The redesigned level is somewhat creepier than the NES original - shrunken zombies have replaced the traditional Goombas while a pool of blood surrounds the 2D environment. But all the same, it does manage to replicate the entire level using Dying Light's resources. Pipes and floating blocks are located in the appropriate places, and there's even a flagpole at the end which you can ride down to the level's exit. Much like in the original Super Mario Bros this level won't take you long to complete, but it is an amusing diversion from your typical zombie apocalypse.

Anyone hoping to see this Easter Egg for themselves will have a bit of a journey first - the warp pipe is located in Old Town, approximately halfway through Dying Light. But once you've arrived, it's fairly easy to reach the rooftop in question, as noted on the map in the attached video. Although from the looks of things, it's fairly easy to trip over such Easter Eggs just by playing the game, so I'm happy to just sit back and see what's dug up next.

Source: YouTube, via Polygon

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