Most Unsurprising News of The Month: A New Call of Duty is Coming in 2015

| 6 Feb 2015 01:40
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Screen 01

This year's Call of Duty is being made by Black Ops developer Treyarch.

Right at the top of things that everyone already pretty much expected to happen, Activision has today announced that a new Call of Duty title is planned for release in 2015. Activision Publishing Eric Hirshberg confirmed the news at the company's annual earnings call, stating that the new title will come to us from Treyarch, the minds behind the Black Ops series.

"This fall's game will be Treyarch's first on the three-year development cycle," he said. "It will be loaded with innovation, and we're excited to share more details with our community soon." Activision announced the switch to a three-year dev cycle last year, explaining that new developer Sledgehammer would join Treyarch and original Call of Duty dev Infinity Ward to ensure that we get a new CoD every single year.

Treyarch first started off its CoD development with Call of Duty: World at War, where it introduced the "Zombies" mode that became ubiquitous with the developer. Black Ops 1 and 2 "remain the biggest-selling titles in franchise history," Hirshberg said, beating out Ghosts, and last year's Advanced Warfare.

Hirshberg didn't offer us any further details on the title, such as its subtitle, or whether it would be continuing the narrative of Black Ops II, or heading to a new setting.

Source: Polygon

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