Excuuuse Me Netflix: Live-Action Zelda Series May Be in the Works

| 6 Feb 2015 16:45

An anonymous source claims that Netflix is working with Nintendo to produce an exclusive TV series based on The Legend of Zelda.

Details are still sparse, but reports have begun to surface that Netflix is working together to produce a live-action TV series based on The Legend of Zelda.

While Netflix has apparently declined to offer any official comment, an anonymous source has indicated that the streaming service is currently seeking out writers to work on an adaptation of the game franchise that would serve as a family friendly equivalent of Game of Thrones. The company is also purportedly working closely with Nintendo on the project.

While time will have to tell if these reports hold water, the very prospect of a Zelda TV series will likely be a point of extreme excitement for the franchise's large and long-lived fanbase. Originally released in the United States in 1987, it's been privy to only one official television adaptation: an animated show that lasted a single season in 1989. By most accounts, it wasn't very good.

The Escapist is currently reaching out to Netflix and Nintendo to see if we can learn more.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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