InstaDoom Adds Instagram Filters, Selfie Stick, to Doom

| 15 Feb 2015 20:01

There's a special place in hell reserved for those who use selfie sticks...

Have you ever played Doom and thought "this game would look much better with a shitty overly bright filter plonked on top of it?" How about, "killing demons is fun, but I wish i could take a selfie of myself standing over their corpses?" Well, good news! InstaDoom is the mod for you, adding 37 real Instagram filters to the game, as well as the ability to take in-game selfies with the new "selfie stick" feature. Turns out there really is a special place in hell for selfie stick users.

Check out some screenshots of the amazing mod in action below:

The mod is available as a free download for anyone who owns a copy of Doom. It's hilariously superfluous, but it is quite incredible to see that new ideas are still being breathed into id software's classic shooter, which is now over two decades old.

God bless the PC modding community.

Source: Doomworld

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