LEGO Unveils New Ultimate Collector's Series Tie Fighter

| 16 Feb 2015 22:45

The new Ultimate Collector's Series Tie Fighter will contain 1,685 pieces and retail for $199.99 in the United States.

You kind of have to feel bad for the poor Tie Fighter. Essentially the cannon fodder of the Star Wars universe, it's the sort of ship that just reeks of having been designed for the sole purpose of cheap and easy mass production. Outclassed by almost everything else in the franchise, it's basically the last thing you'd want to be stuck flying if you found yourself in one of those epic space battles fans love so much. Fragile as it may be however, it still makes for a really cool LEGO set.

That, at least, is our take from the recently unveiled LEGO Ultimate Collector's Series Tie Fighter. Revealed in a Friday at announcement at Toy Fair 2015, the new construction set will take the classic fighter and transform it into a highly detailed LEGO model complete with a plaque and a display stand. Slated to release in the United States in May 2015 and retail for $199.99, the completed model will measure 19.5 inches tall, a foot long and just over a foot wide. The fighter itself will come equipped with a working top hatch and an exclusive Tie Fighter Pilot mini-figure that won't be available anywhere else. According to released box art, the set will include 1,685 individual bricks. This is about 300 less than the identically priced UCS Slave 1.

Personally being a fan of the Tie Fighter's simple design, the announcement of this new set is something I'm sincerely excited about. Granted, its price kind of puts it out the range of things I could actually buy, but I can still dream of the day that my bank account might have enough cushion to survive purchasing something so frivolously awesome. What do you think of the new UCS Tie Fighter? Will you be buying one come May or will you be passing on this symbol of Imperial power?

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