8-Bit House of Cards? Check Out This Netflix NES Cartridge

| 11 Mar 2015 13:03

For Netflix Hack Day, employees proved that House of Cards could finally debut on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

One of the biggest reasons Netflix succeeded was that you could run it on almost any platform - including game consoles. Downloadable software let you access the entire Netflix library from your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, NES, and... wait, NES? As in the original Nintendo Entertainment System? Yes, it turns out Netflix even runs on 8-bit hardware, after a fashion. As part of Netflix Hack Day, two employees created an NES cartrige that supports Netflix content - and can even play the intro to House of Cards Season 3.

Okay, to be fair, Netflix for NES is far from an ideal experience. First of all, it still only can render images in an 8-bit color palatte. Sound options don't seem to be available either, since NES audio capabilities were more limited than its visuals. As such, the experience isn't solid enough that friends and family would gather for an Orange is the New Black party on the NES.

But those points aside? The Netflix interface still works, and on an unmodified NES system no less. Menu options, episode images, and even wishlist features are all available to explore. It's not clear if the content is streaming or pre-loaded onto the cartridge, but even with its pixelated effects that's very impressive.

So when can you expect to buy the NES Netflix cartridge? Probably never - Netflix Hack Day is all about giving Netflix's engineers and designers to cut loose and experiment, not develop feasible products. But if bringing Netflix to classic consoles is possible, don't be surprised when independent hackers find ways to improve on the version displayed here.

Source: Netflix, via The Verge

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