More Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone Cards Revealed

| 18 Mar 2015 22:19

Blizzard has now revealed nine cards for the upcoming Blackrock Mountain singleplayer Hearthstone adventure.

Back at PAX East, Blizzard announced that the newest content to come to its competitive card battler Hearthstone would be a brand-new single player adventure - Blackrock Mountain - in the same vein of the previously released Curse of Naxxramas. At the time, we were shown just five cards from the new set, but now, Blizzard has revealed four more.

First, check them out below:

The Dragon Egg, as many Warcraft fans will know, is the bane of everyone's favorite/tired World of Warcraft personality, Leeroy Jenkins. True to their appearance in the game, foolishly attacking the eggs will spawn an endless army of dragon whelps.

The Dragonkin Sorcerer thrives on magic, both yours and your opponent's, and attacking it with spells will only make it stronger.

Lava Shock is the first Shaman specific card from the set - and finally brings the often requested "underload" ability to the Shaman class. At just 2 mana, it's sure to become a staple in most decks.

Similarly, Axe Flinger is a Warrior specific card that is all about punishing your poor minions.

Source: Blizzard

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