CoD Zombies Head Back To Burger Town On March 31

| 25 Mar 2015 12:21

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's second DLC pack - Ascendance - presents all-new maps while sending zombies to a familiar burger joint.

From all of Call of Duty's levels perhaps the most visually iconic was "Burger Town", where players defended a fast food restaurant from an invading army. Looking back, it was perhaps one of Modern Warfare 2's most memorable missions, an impressive feat given all the action setpieces in that game. Apparently Sledgehammer Games agrees, which is why you can revisit Burger Town in Advanced Warfare's Ascendance DLC. Well, with one twist: Instead of fighting Russian soldiers, you'll be keeping zombie hordes at bay.

Apparently fast zombies like fast food. Who knew?

"Ascendance" is Advanced Warfare's second DLC, and comes with all the bells and whistles you'd expect. First up are four new multiplayer maps: Perplex is a changing apartment complex stacked into formation by flying drones. Climate is a tropical oasis kept pristine by a now malfunctioning water purification plant. Site 244 is set at an alien crash site just outside Mount Rushmore, where players can equip alien artifacts to assist their team. And Chop Shop is... well, a chop shop. Okay, why not.

But the real highlight is Exo Zombies new Burger Town map. The entire level has been redesigned with a lovely post-apocalypse tone, where survivors await an evac chopper. The zombies, meanwhile, have upgraded themselves with whatever's at hand - including makeshift armor and a Stop sign melee weapon for at least one boss zombie.

Finally, Ascendance introduces the OHM Werewolf - a shotgun-energy combo weapon - and a Grapple Hook playlist that lets players to fling themselves across each map. As always, the Ascendance DLC will launch first on Xbox consoles, followed by other platforms the following month. Call of Duty players with Xbox accounts can dive in on March 31.

Source: YouTube, via Polygon

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