PS4 2.50 Firmware Update Adds New Accessibility Options

| 26 Mar 2015 16:38

The PS4's latest firmware update will give gamers with physical limitations a wide range of new options aimed at helping them play more easily.

The PlayStation 4's firmware update version 2.50 has officially launched today.

While only 254MB in size, update 2.50 comes packaged with a substantial suite of upgrades expanding on the console's friend finding options and backup abilities while also adding a new suspend/resume feature and a variety of fresh accessibility options aimed at making the PS4 easier to play for gamers of all physical stripes.

On the friend front, 2.50 will give players the option to find PS4 friends using their Facebook accounts. Users will now also be able to bundle friend and real name requests together and see what their friends are currently playing to make it easier to group up and enjoy games together. PS4 owners will also be able to take advantage of expanded Trophy sharing options to make it easier for others to see their in-game accomplishments. Players needing a break from gaming will also be make use of the new suspend option which allows you to suspend a game, put the PS4 in rest mode and then return to where you left off with the push of the home button.

Perhaps more substantial for some players will be the aforementioned accessibility options which, after today's update, will make it possible for players with physical limitations to customize the button layout of the Dualshock 4, enlarge the text of the console's UI, use new text-to-speech options and zoom in/invert colors "for all system functions" including during gameplay. Rounding out these new accessibility options is a bevy of smaller updates including better frame rates for remote and share play, new verified accounts for game developers and industry figures, automatic installation for future software updates and expanded upload options when sharing video footage.

The PlayStation Vita and PlayStation App for smartphones and tablets will be receiving complimentary updates this evening, including an upgrade to the Vita's remote play which will allow it stream PS4 gameplay at 60FPS going forward. To get a full rundown of the upgrades, you can head over to Sony's official announcement.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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